Packing Tips

In order to adequately pack the goods, it is mandatory to sort the luggage first and arrange individual fragile and fragile goods, heavy goods, valuable items and miscellaneous goods accordingly. Now, the second step is to pack the miscellaneous items first into a strong and durable carton and secure it with packing straps and tape.

Whereas packing keeps all the things like labels, scissors, tape and markers to do the packing work efficiently in a short time. The cartons should be chosen according to the goods to be packed and the carton should never be overloaded. All household electronic appliances such as TVs, computers, microwaves, washing machines, refrigerators, and other electronic items must be packed in cartons of appropriate size and power. Label each item and secure them with packing straps. Pack fragile items with air bubble sheet covers to avoid scratches and damage. Use edge boards and wooden boxes to pack glass items.

After packing the cartons, seal them properly to avoid any kind of leakage. Items like clothes, curtains, pillows and blankets etc. do not need to be packed separately, just keep them in cupboards and suitcases and walk as they are.


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